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Author: Jassi   Date Posted:30 November 2017 

Whats News in tobacconists....

Growing concerns in the tobacconist area has retailers at odds whether to continue or sell up. as a retailer myself i find myself more concerned with groups and comapnys and always see the short end off the stick, talking to some off my fellow tobacconists they feel the same however whats next?. Talking to some industry specialists ive seen some advancements on new products and diffrent avenues when seeing tobacconists around NSW you feel as though all off them are the same, smokes gifts and drinks with most keeping the same gifts. although the rise off tobacconists around australia that trent has now stopped, common questions is the over population off tobacconists has diminshed the auora around tobacconists with the one to one services for the customer and the interactions, this is not due only to too many retailers the changing in prices and products this inconisisitansy in the market has caused displeasure and distrust for the consumer to the retailer and its a shame really when september comes along and the abuse is being hurled however as a retailer you know that the customer is not to blame howver the education on prices is if the goverment where to explain how these taxes why and where  these taxes are going would in my opinon help customers understand and remove the stigma behind smoking because in the end it is a person right to smoke as it is to drink in finishing i do feel as though the future off tobacconists does seem bleek however advancments in proucts and communications i feel as though some retailers can captalize and turn these into profits. Hopefully we can get toagether and get the support off companys and keep retail tobacconists alive and lucrative 



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