About Us

Our story

JMIT Distributors is a sub company off JMIT which includes JMIT Trading and JMIT building. Founded in 2017 of the back off a successful retail stores in tobacconists, supermarkets, news agencies and fuel stations JMIT Distributors formed after seeing a gap in the market in quality services in the wholesale sector, commencing in 2015 King of the pack Lithgow was established in providing tobacco wholesale to the greater central west region of NSW quickly after forming it had become the dominant provider in the area which was the resulted in the forming off JMIT Distributors with the addition to commercial packaging we have now diversified and are now looking to make a change in how small to medium convenience stores order. Together with retailers our mission is to provide intel and work with owners to improve businesses. "Putting the power back in the hands off small to medium businesses" 


JMIT was founded by Jassi Singh in 2005 in the retail sector which first led into the supermarket industry and then into newsagency's. After his son joined the family business from other sucsesfull start up ventures the JMIT Corparation was formed which has blossemed into multi industry company which covers small to large businesses. both Inder & Jassi are prominent fiqures in there communitys.